Garden is almost done

It seems a bit early to call it quits this year, but due to the strange weather our gardens have pretty much failed this year.

Early in the season, around May 20th, it was unseasonably warm here. It was reaching almost 80 on a daily basis (our average is 65-70) with no rain for a full month. This was right when we planted our gardens. Not only did the majority of our seeds never germinate (soil too hot) but lots of our plants died as well including 6 brand new fruit trees.

We spent the month of June with heat reaching 90 most days and no rain. Many rainstorms came within a mile of our home buy never dropped any on our property. I watered as much as I could, but the plants suffered and went through a lot of stress.

The first couple weeks of July we’re cooler (again weird, it’s usually boiling by that time) and rainy. I thought we would make a full recovery. However it’s now Aug. 2nd and not only is it hot again, but no rain for almost 3 weeks now. On top of that, the plants have become so stressed that they became beacons for insect infestations that would require harsh chemicals to tame. And that’s it, I’m calling it for this year. All of our squash is dead, full grown plants are dropping like flies because of bugs. That means our brand new pumpkin patch is a total dud. We’ve lost many other plants and we’re going to lose more because I’m not watering anymore. I’ve pumped so much water out of out well this year that’s it’s totally changed in smell and taste. That, to me, says I’m using too much.

I am keeping some plants cared for (my perennial herbs and trees) but other than that, I’m calling it done. Whatever we get, we get. We’re going to lose a lot of seeds this year, but thankfully they are all still available to purchase.

It’s been pretty disappointing this year for the gardens and food production. I’m even going to have to buy tomatoes this year, which is the worst part.

On the positive side, we’re going to get a lot of elderberries this year and we may get kiwi next year. Figs are coming in, our garlic crop is great, we even managed to get some beans and peas. Also thanks to the ducks, we’ll definitely have a crop of peaches next year.

So overall this had been our worst year yet, but it’s not a total loss. We will be downsizing next year so I can focus on building my art career and Justin can focus on building his career as well.

Hope your gardens are better than mine! Have a good week!


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  1. Widdershins says:

    This year’s been pretty crappy here too … from 3 feet of snow to 2 months of rain to scorching heat and wildfires in the Interior. No fires where we are thankfully, but the smoke has rolled in making it uncomfortable to breathe.
    I like that you have chosen to stop. šŸ™‚ (as hard as I’m sure it was to make that decision) Some folk just burn themselves to the ground and have nothing to show for it.

    1. Wow, that’s insane!! Everyone seems to be having the opposite problem of us all year. And yeah, we had to just let it go. There wasn’t any way to save it. However, I might try to get some beets and cabbages in as a fall crop.

  2. My Way Home Life says:

    So frustrating that despite best efforts, circumstances work against a garden. I have tried for several years to grow vegetables on our property; however, our property is butted right up to a corn field, and when the crop dusters drop their chemicals on the corn, my tomato plants get burned and never recover. I have finally given up trying to grow any sort of food crops, but my perennials seem to weather the chemical storm well.

    1. That’s awful. We’re surrounded by fields but thankfully none of them dust. If they did I would probably move

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