Lifestyle Changes

I usually don’t write posts this close together, but the other one was getting kind of long and I still haven’t covered a lot of the things we’ve been doing.

About 6 weeks ago Justin and I decided to go Vegan. Obviously we didn’t do it because we think eating meat is wrong, we did it because we think it’s the healthiest choice. We’re approaching diet from a nutritional standpoint (plant-based diet via The China Study). I’m not here to convert anyone, promise.

So we started and the first three weeks were torture. I wanted to eat anything I could find that I shouldn’t be eating. However, after week three the cravings started to die off and now they are almost non existent. The only thing I still crave is chicken strips, but that will go away eventually too. Since starting this lifestyle change, we have had things like cheese or a bite of meat here and there and have found that they don’t even taste good or as good as we remember, so now we really don’t want them. Justin has dropped weight and I’ve lost almost 10lbs already.

The real reason we cut meat, dairy, and eggs is multifold. First off, all toxins for all animals are stored in fat to make the toxins inert. That means that all these factory farmed animals are toxic and since all animals have fat, you’re getting it no matter what. And you might think that organic is better, and it is, but they still eat grass that catches toxins from the air. With our earth’s atmosphere quickly deteriorating, all animals are full of toxins and I just don’t want that. The same goes for dairy, it’s 100% fat and milk sugar, I don’t need either of those things. Eggs are a bit different, they are just nothing but saturated fat and cholesterol and my family has already all had their heart bypasses, I’m not going to tempt fate. The last item is that dairy, meat, and eggs all have hormones naturally or are injected with them. The majority have the same effect as estrogen and being a man, I DO NOT want that in my body. That causes all sorts of problems.

Those are the cons, here are the pros. With a plant based diet we receive huge amounts of fiber (what’s good for your digestive system is good for your body), we get more nutritional content, and we aren’t over consuming fats and proteins. The proof is in the pudding, we feel so much better already, it’s really incredible. Any argument is made void by the fact that there is no way we could feel this good physically and not be healthy.

With the vegan shift come multiple other shifts across the homestead. Tonight (thursday 8/24) a woman came and took our 7 remaining chickens to her home. Her daughter runs a small business selling chicken eggs and she got a good deal on them. They are going to a good home and they also want to take 3 of our ducks. This will also help us with feed costs since Justin took a paycut with his new job.

On top of that, I’m going to be dropping 4 whole gardens next year. The permaculture business is not panning out and to be honest, I don’t have the money to invest to make it a reality. On top of that, I now work 8hrs+ a day on my art and commissions, I don’t have time to have almost a 1/2 acre in gardens. After all the work this year and the huge disappointment, I’m ready to narrow it down. We’re going to be focusing on food we LOVE instead of trying to fill a pantry. We also have a completely free freezer now for nothing but vegetables, so I’m ready to put it to use.

It’s a big shift and after the chickens left tonight, I’ll admit I’m a little sad. They were a hallmark of our lives and property, but they were no longer functional. Unfortunately I can’t justify the feed for more pets. I am not sad about the gardens however. I’m tired of having them looming over me, so I’ll be glad to downsize.

Our lives are changing and it’s happening really fast, but I think these are all the right choices. We have to do what we think is right and this feels right.


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