Renew, Rebuild, Restore

Hello Everyone!


Happy Monday to you all and welcome to October!

First off I want to apologize for my negativity on my last post. I’ve actually deleted it. I wrote it while feeling completely defeated and I’m not crazy proud of it, but I will say that Justin and I have learned some things from it. I guess that’s what’s important right?

About a month or so ago, Justin and I sat down and seriously discussed selling our house and homestead. We’ve had a catastrophically bad year in the garden and money is incredibly tight because Justin lost his job in July (his boss was terminated by the mother company). Because of this, Justin has gained a 45 min commute to work (one way) and a large pay cut, placing a lot of stress on both of us. So when we sat down to talk about selling the house, we came to the conclusion that we were done. We were going to sell it by the following autumn. We gave up.

Four weeks have passed by and the reality of selling the house has had a chance to stick with us and you know what I found myself doing? Counting all the things I was going to miss about this place. What’s amazing is that there were a lot more things than I expected. When we moved into this house we had nothing and we were quickly discouraged by the huge problems we faced early on. I personally could not think of this place without thinking about all the negative things that have happened because of it, I started wishing for an apartment again. So much so that I couldn’t see the good things that were here.

Well, in those four weeks I’ve learned that I’m not ready to give up on this place and Justin has agreed with me. We put so much work into the orchard, gardens, and landscaping that we don’t want to walk away. We also realized that in almost 3 years, the most we have done to make this house our own is hang curtains and change a single doorknob…because I broke it. We need to give it a second chance.

So, we’re going to give it that second chance. I’ve got some plans already in the works to rebuild the Permaculture Nursery business, which I will post about tomorrow. We’re also moving towards market gardening for the local farmers market and possibly one in Lansing, MI (capital city) for more exotic items. I absolutely know we can make this work.


For now, we have our handmade soaps and seed bombs up on our Etsy Shop. Please feel free to stop by and check them out! Any support is incredibly helpful!

You’ll also notice the website has changed a bit (I’m rebuilding a bit). Our website address is now and we have switched to our official name “Goldenrod Homestead”.

I’ll be detailing changes as they come along! Thank you for reading and please like and subscribe for future posts!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Widdershins says:

    Sometimes we have to walk right up to that edge, stand with our toes hanging out into open space, before we can make the decision. 😀

    Sounds like some serious nesting is going to happen this winter. 🙂

    1. You’re absolutely right. I had to begin prepping the house for sale before i realized what i had.
      And yes! We’re going to building a lot this winter!

  2. hammonjonnie says:

    Good for you !!! Keep trying,till they take you away, in a pine box! Never give up. The way to accomplish your goals may vary, along the way, but keep trying, that effort is the important part! Without that, you wind up with nothing.

    1. Thankfully I find it impossible to quit for long. It’s just how my brain works, I can’t seem to give up, even though sometimes I want to.

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