Permaculture Nursery

Hello All!

Some of you may remember that in 2015 we ran a campaign and raised $1000 to build a greenhouse and start a permaculture nursery. We were really successful at raising the money and buying all our materials, but come the next spring our lives were in turmoil and we didn’t manage to get the greenhouse built.


However, this past spring we pulled it together and built our greenhouse. We almost lost it in multiple wind storms, but I think it’s safe and secure now. It functions perfectly and we’re ready to put it to work.

I’ve already started building nursery stock using plants we have already been growing.


I purchased this 4-tier greenhouse at our local Menards ( they are on clearance) to begin our nursery. I can place seed heating mats on the shelves to keep the interior temp high enough to promote growth (this is our spare bedroom) and I can spray the inside to keep it humid. I might even start using a 1% bleach mixture to spray in there to keep any mold from forming. I’ll have to research that idea so I don’t accidentally kill all my plants!


The top shelf containers have 12 Chicago Hardy Fig tip cuttings. This is not the best way to propagate figs, but since they die to the ground every year, this is the best chance I have to make more plants. Most likely, if these take, they will not be for sale. I’m trying to build my own stock of plants to sell figs and create more trees as well for sale. Figs cannot be bought fresh in Michigan, it’s definitely a high value crop.


My other cuttings at the moment are about 30 Issai Kiwi cuttings. This variety of hardy kiwi is self-pollinating (almost all kiwi require a male and female plant) and the kiwi “berries” are slightly smaller than average with a higher sugar content. This makes them easily one of the top rated kiwi for taste. Their production, on a fully mature vine, can easily reach 100lbs of fruit. These cuttings should take (I hope) and will be for sale to ship out in the spring. I’ll know in about 6-8 weeks if these take, and then I can inform you if you are interested in purchasing some for your own home garden!

Another thing I should mention is pricing. I’ve been doing a lot of research on pricing plants and I’m finding two things. First, that permaculture growers almost always charge a standard price across the board for ease. Second, that professional nurseries typically charge 2-4 times as much for the same plant. I’ve decided to go the permaculture route and keep my prices low. I’m not using high-tech fancy equipment and my stock will be limited because of that, but I am not looking to become rich or take on more debt for infrastructure. This is my contribution to permaculture and the planet by making these plants and their information accessible to all people.

Most likely in the next month or so I will be starting Sea Buckthorn seeds and Goji Berry seeds/cuttings to have plants for sale in the spring.


I DO HAVE Comfrey root cuttings available on our Etsy Shop. These cuttings will be shipped out in the spring, ready to sprout! As mentioned, I have a limited quantity, so make sure you order them fast! They are sold in pack of 5 root cuttings (varying sizes) for $5. Each pack comes with an extra cutting, just in case. They will ship out in April of 2018 (depending on weather). Order yours here!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe and have a great week!


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